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I am so full of squee. I kinda deliberately expected to be disappointed, in the hope that I would be pleasantly surprised. I spent most of the movie grinning ear to ear and waving my hands like a silly fangirl.

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You know you've been playing too much Arkham City when -

1. You see a security camera and want to throw a batarang at it.
2. You commentate fight scenes in movies with, "Evade. Counter. Beat down. Double takedown!!"
3. Large question marks either throw you into fits of rage or turn you into a gibbering mess.
4. You wish you had your own batsignal instead of a Tomtom GPS to show you the way.
5. You see tall structures and consider the possibility of gliding to the next tall structure from it.
6. You wonder why cowl technology hasn't been utilised to identify weapons at airports, schools and large events.
7. You practice furiously with a friends remote-control plane or helicopter, in the hopes that it will improve your remote-control batarang skills.
8. You see someone wearing green and want to threaten to break thier bones if they don't give you info.
9. You think that gargoyles and floor grates are perfectly acceptable interior design features.
10. You're tempted to puncture that fire extinguisher in the kitchen, just to see what happens.
11. You're disappointed that you can't knock down wooden walls just by approaching them at speed.
12. You're alarmed to find that almost ALL walls collapse when you detonate explosives on them.
13. You find yourself trying to tune into Gotham FM on your bedside radio.
14. You experiment to find out if the bottom of a bottle is a legitimate alternative to a monocle, with disasterous consequences.
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I'm going to remain skeptical about the inclusion of Nightwing in Arkham City until I actually see it. The concept artwork floating about is making me more skeptical because it's just too damn good. After shaving Tim's head (like, what!?), they seem to have nailed the essence of Dick, and put him in the ever popular "Fingerstripes" suit.

So, a poll about Robins.

[Poll #1784320]
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I have only read Part 1 (Broken Bat) of the Knightfall arc in trade paperback, and I have read the novel by Denny O'Neill. I don't recall the comic going into detail about Bane's past, but chapter 3 of the novel would make a worthy next Nolan'verse movie on it's own. The problem is, Batman would only have 2 scenes and the movie would definitely not get a rating less than R.

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Michael Caine does bring something awesome to Alfred, everyone's favourite Battle Butler and Servile Snarker.

But today I was thinking, Terence Stamp has the potential to be a really good classic-style Alfie.

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