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Is the whole world in a conspiracy against me?
It doesn't seem to matter how much effort I put in, or how many times I check something over, how precise I try to be, I'm always wrong or unsuccessful.

I feel like I spend ages at work meticulously checking and entering and cross-referencing. But somehow mistakes are always found and I'm told to be more careful.

I AM careful. I don't know how I could be MORE careful! I don't do this shit deliberately. It's like some gremlin comes along after me and puts errors everywhere when I put in the right info. And of course, by the time it's found, it's been so long I have no idea about the events of when it was entered, but obviously, at the time, I had reason to believe the info was right.
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Map of site

Location: Northern Cottesloe Beach

Details: There are always people here. Families and kids just mucking about. Lap swimmers going back and forth along the back of the reef (keep an eye out for them - because they won't watch out for you). This reef has lots of different areas - flat meadows, sandy patches, caves and crevices. There is a large area to the north that has been stripped of vegetation by Tarwhines. There has been a shark attack in this area and many sightings - I haven't had the pleasure yet. Shark spotters patrol the area in summer and if you do get in trouble there are plenty of people nearby to help out or get help.

Skill required: It can be a little choppy and the current can be strong.

Things to see: A large variety of fish can be spotted here, including some large "table fish" (bream, mulloway etc). Juvenile Scalyfins are abundant.

Jellyfish level: Tolerable.

Overall rating: A pretty easy, reliable site as long as the wind isn't up. If the conditions are bad at least you can just wander the strip and get an ice cream or a drink.
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Map of site

Location: South of Fremantle.

Details: Enter off the beach and swim out along the wall to the end (and around the end if you are keen - it can be a little rough out there, but the fish are huge). There is also a seagrass meadow nearby. Towards the end of the wall there is a sharp drop-off, if you like to dive large fish and brain corals can be spotted in the deeper water. There are often fishers on the wall so watch out for lines. Spear fishers also frequent the area, but I have never found them to be any trouble.

Skill required: All skill levels. I have taken a friend out here who was not a confident swimmer, but she was able to stay in near the wall right out to the end and still see plenty hiding in the crevices created by the rock wall. More experienced swimmers and divers can adventure into the nearby deeper water or around the tip of the wall.

Things to see: The seagrass meadows are full of sea-squirts, blue-manna crabs and various species of leatherjacket. The wall creates numerous caves and crevices that harbour all kinds of species of fish and other critters like cuttlefish.

Jellyfish level: Tolerable. There are jellyfish around. I haven't been stung here yet.

Overall rating: Always a good bet. Conditions are good most of the time and there is something for everyone.
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Map of site

Location: Just out of Rockingham.

Details: The northern part of Shoalwater Bay, this area is often calmer than the open water. The water is usually clear with a variety of weedy plateaus, sandy patches, ledges and caves. Entry is either off one of the two beaches, or off rocks to the south - this prevents sand getting all through your gear, but can be a bit of a clamber.

Skill required: Great for all skill levels, there is plenty to see close in to the shore. For stronger swimmers a lap around White Rock is recommended - there are plenty of larger fish in the caves around the rock.

Things to see: Various seaweeds and grasses. A large array of fish, Butterfish is very common at this site. Around White Rock you will often find Old Wives and Scalyfins. I have heard there is a large Smooth Ray in the area, but have yet to see it. Dolphins are also frequent.

Jellyfish level: LOW. I hardly ever see jellyfish here.

Overall rating: One of the best sites, 99% of the time the conditions will be good and you can just get in the water and see some great stuff.
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So, I'd dug a hole. Beside my bed. I don't know why. I don't know HOW I managed to dig a hole using only my hands when the house is on a concrete slab and that is on top of freaking hard clay.

But anyway, I'd dug a hole, a really deep hole. Like, way deeper than my arm could actually reach but the hole was hardly more than the width of my arm. I mean seriously deep, like 100 metres or more.

So, I must have dug this hole for a reason because I had 3 blokes with me preparing to jump down said hole. I have no idea why. One was my brother, one reminded me a bit of Tom Hiddleston. The other may have been Matt, I can't recall.

All three of them jumped down the hole with no gear whatsoever. Somehow they were able to just jump in and fall to the bottom and not get hurt, not to mention the fact that this hole was just a bit wider than my arm.

As the last one was falling, I thought to myself, I hope they don't get hurt when one lands on top of the other and then, How are they meant to get OUT of there again!!??

So I got a bit worried. Worried about my 3 friends down the hole and worried I'd get in trouble for it. So then the thought came, Well, they're grown men and they were fine with just jumping in!

I put my ear to the hole (because remember - diameter of my arm) and could hear faint yelling from far, far away. I couldn't make out what was being yelled but I assumed it was my name. I wished they'd gone down with a 2-way radio so we could communicate. I figured we could just put a rope down there and pull them back up, but another weird thought crossed my mind that a rope strong enough to haul them up would fill most of the hole because - narrow hole!

It was freaking weird, and worrying and kinda sad. I can still hear that faint voice yelling from far, far away.
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As you may or may not know, I am currently re-reading A Song of Ice and Fire. I'm about 1/3 through Clash of Kings right now. The more I read and the more time I spend in the fandom, my favourite thread of the whole thing becomes more and more solidified.
Spoilers start here. )
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I got a sleep test done. Turns out I stop breathing around 80 times PER HOUR while I'm sleeping. Thus, I never get a good block of deep sleep because it's always disturbed by my brain going, "mmmm sleeeeeep....", "hey, I need some oxygen here!" *snore* *gasp* *fall back to sleep* - repeat all night long.

So I now have a ridiculously expensive CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine on hire to see if that works. It's the general solution for mild to severe (mine is quite severe) sleep apnoea.

Well, first you have to breathe through your nose while using it. Hah!! I haven't breathed unconsciously through my nose since forever. Constant childhood colds put an end to that. As soon as I stop thinking about breathing I revert to my mouth. And 99% of the time when I do breathe through my nose I don't feel like I'm getting enough air. Apparently my nasal passages aren't terribly unusual, maybe a little narrow. So, I don't know if my nose is just always blocked all the time because of colds/hayfever/whatever or if it's just stupid nasal passages. My jaw is set back slightly (odd, all that orthodontic work when I was a teenager and it was never mentioned) and that makes one prone to having their tongue and soft palette fall back and block the airways when you're laying down - hoorah for dodgy evolution! Being overweight doesn't help either. Shit, losing weight will solve a bunch of problems, but it's HARD and slow going and a bit soul destroying so I'm just happy if I don't gain weight right now.

So anyway, the CPAP works by constantly blowing air in, so it keeps that passage from your face to your lungs open. I've started with basic 'nasal pillows' (that name is hilarious), which are the least obtrusive kind of mask and I must admit - with air being blown in, I can actually breathe through my nose and feels fantastic. It even has a nifty little humidifier so maybe my constantly itchy/sore nose will settle down now.

When actually trying to sleep the whole headgear-attached-to-a-tube thing can be a smidge annoying, especially when I want to lay on my side. The machine itself makes a very soft hum that gets slightly higher pitched as I breathe out. Apparently this is a fandangled one that adjusts the air pressure in as required to suit my breathing. Cheaper machines work at a constant pressure, but are just as effective. I sometimes will open my mouth to breathe because it just feels weird otherwise, but then it stops working properly because the pressure is buggered up. But overall I think I'm not doing too bad. This morning I had to quickly rip the thing off before I sneezed into it.

I'm still feeling tired in the morning, but it's only day two. What I am noticing is the lack of disgusting morning mouth. I get up and don't feel the need to immediately rinse my mouth out, it feels moist and comfortable (wow, that sounds dodgy). I still drool on the pillow, even with my mouth closed which is a bit of a bummer, I was hoping the whole breathing-through-the-nose would fix that issue. But now my gums might be less sensitive as they aren't drying out every night.

So now it's follow up appointments to make the sure the machine works, a follow up sleep test, lots of money being spent (I was going to buy some new boots after my initial follow-up, but that was not to be, I spent $700+ on medical stuff instead *cries*) But hopefully my sleep will improve. I'm looking forward to dreaming more.
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I daresay I'm starting to get prolific again. This one is a multi-chapter. But I've only written like, 5 lines of chapter 2 so far.

It's a Spring Awakening fic. I had to give Moritz and Wendla happier endings.

Moritz says yes
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Re-reading Theon I in ACOK. Various hints make me pretty sure that Balon was planning to attack the mainland anyway, Theon or not. Most likely it was the instability in the realm that moved him to action. He probably called a halt to things when he received the message that Theon was coming back – hey wouldn't hurt to have the pawn on your side and save a bit of a face, even if you don't give a shit about him anymore.

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There was a short winter a few years after Robert's Rebellion. The current summer has lasted 10 years.
Do these winters affect Essos? Sothoros? Ulthos?

Doom of Valyria is clearly volcanic eruptions
Winterfell sits on a geothermal area
The mountains hint at very weird plate movements. The Vale has mountain ranges running perpendicular to each other!
Broken Arm of Dorne - seismically active.
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Pomanders, videos, lunchboxes, kids clothes, dinner sets, more.

Have a look at my wares here!
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For a world where it seems horrible things can happen to anyone (and occasionally horrible people get away with being horrible). I have compiled my top 5 awful moments. They are in no particular order.

Spoilers! Spoilers everywhere for all the books )
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Sure, he sometimes pushed the boundaries with Daenerys, but I believe it’s only because he truly does love her. He had a pardon in his hands. He could have just let Dany drink the stuff offered by the wineseller. But I can imagine after receiving that pardon he suddenly thinks to himself, “I’m trading the life of the woman I love so I can return to cold, desolate Bear Island.” No, he decides, it’s not worth it. He intervenes and fiercly protects his princess. I also love how at that moment she trusts him implicity and responds in her badass, no-nonsense manner, insisting that the wineseller take a mouthful first.

Then Ser Barristan comes along and tells her about the pardon and she loses all trust in him? I mean, he GAVE UP the pardon to protect you! Give the poor guy a break. He’s a good fighter and one of the few people you can probably truly trust and who you know will protect you with his life, and to him it doesn’t matter if you reciprocate his feelings or not.
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Don't you hate it when you wanna write something, and it involves making a character do something out-of-character in your headcanon because of the direction you want to go in.

Or is it just me?
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Time travel doesn't exist. What happens is a shifting, moving between the infinite possibilities in the multiverse. All multiverses run parallel to one another, but they don't intersect - unless someone figures out how to shift - which would also appear like time travel. Then your conciousness in your current reality, would be able to be experienced in the next. Imagine a bunch of parallel lines, representing your life and it's infinite possibilities (as you move further from the close universes, things change more and more until they become unrecognisable and eventually you don't exist at all). Everyone else has their own lines, imagine them in a different colour. Or maybe a cube made up of multiple layers in every dimension, but the sides are infinite. To shift means to be able to draw perpendicular lines through them all and... shift to the other reality.

"Time travel" is just shifting to a reality (you could call it a timeline), where your favoured predestination is what happens. You CAN'T change what will happen, but by having the power to "time travel" you can shift to a line where it seems that way.

So, Simon. He goes into the past. Now he KNOWS that he will need to take a bullet for Alicia, so he will wear kevlar the next time so...

No, he can't. It's not the SAME Simon. Simon who takes the bullet is future!Simon. Simon who loses Alicia to Rachael is Current!Simon. If future!Simon wears kevlar, two Simons will exist. WHile this IS what happens in one the lines, it's not the one this Simon wants to occur.

SO, future!Simon goes back KNOWING that at some stage in the future current!Simon will lose Alicia, and there isn't a goddamn thing anyone can do about it because future!Simon will have to save her life at another point and die.

So why can't he just tell Alicia to watch out for Rachael, that this is how it will pan out. Of course, fate reasserts itself.

So was the ORIGINAL line Simon was in one where Alicia died when Tim shot her? Thus leaving him alone all that time until he felt ready to go back, until Seth was in a position to grant him the powers he required to do so. Is it all a selfish ploy because he just wanted Alicia in the first place? Or is it just Simon doing his "I must protect the gang" thing, and he figures that's the only way he can save her? Because in that reality Rachael couldn't have killed her because she was already dead. So what DID happen in that instance? Who DID die? Why would Seth have been willing to "loan" Simon 10 grand and give him that power out of the goodness of his heart as it were?


Okay, I now need to rewatch the show and figure out every time Superhoodie's intervention means someone doesn't die. I have a feeling the original timeline involved them ALL dying except Simon. Thus giving him the extra time and motivation to learn parkour and find the lair, and also setting off his "I must protect everyone" instinct. Shit, it's the reason Sally dies in the first place.

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