Jan. 11th, 2014

gemfyre: (Captain Slow)
Another that was a relief to find it was just a dream.

I dreamed I was on holiday, like I will be soon down in Denmark. There were various details but this is just the most memorable.

I was parked in a carpark somewhere and it was on a slope. I'm driving out and something must have distracted me, I can't really remember, but anyway whatever it was caused me to accidentally hit the corner of the car in the row in front of me. Just a slight dent. The woman in that car starts yelling and I get out of the car to apologise and stuff, and she gets back in her car and drives off... I have left my handbrake on.

With no car in front to stop it my car rolls off, too fast for me to catch up, it rolls down the entire carpark, hitting a few things as it does so then comes to an embankment and topples over. All because this silly woman DROVE OFF.

There was more but that's the essence of it.

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